Mea culpa, friends and family

It’s day 4 of my spanking new job. I love the environment. It’s a fast paced place to be in, but it’ll be perfect for honing my skills. I’m sad that I can’t blog as frequently as I used to, but I’ll try to make each post count as much as I can. Life is going on as well as can be in our household. I’m dreading this month’s utility bills but all told, it’s not as bad as some of the horror stories I’ve heard. I can’t wait to get paid although the money has already been budgeted out. 🙂 First things first, people. I’m getting rid of my Bank of America credit card. I’ve been a customer of theirs for over a year. I was approved for one of those secured credit cards where a down payment had to be made (along with a $29 annual fee). Naturally, my credit limit was low, but perfect at the time for my needs. I tried to get removed from the “secured” status to a regular card, but a snotty CSR informed me that I had to be upgraded from their end and that it wasn’t something that I could initiate proceedings on. Well, I kept my mouth shut and kept making my monthly payments. Come the end of September, my intent is to close my eyes and pony up however much I’ve got left to pay off the card. Then, get my $99 deposit back and tell them that it sucked being a customer of theirs. I will still hang on to my other credit card and gradually get back up to a level that I feel comfortable with. Here’s saying prayers for a certain aunt who’s been battling a debilitating illness for awhile.