The movie, Descent.

Well, well, well. I’m on round two of “negotiations” i.e. another look-see or interview. Just when I was lamenting to Matt about how things didn’t seem so good. An interesting thing that happened today: I actually turned down an interview. I was mentally kicking myself about it, but Matt reminded me of the facts: city was 3.5hrs from where I currently live. My riposte to that was: we could move! However, right now, that would be not-so-smart of me because I surely haven’t exhausted all my chances in this city. I’m excited and really psyched. In other news, I saw the movie “Descent” with Paul and Matt. This movie made me mad, in a good way. First of all, they should bill this movie as “required viewing” for would-be spelunkers or cavers. This is a horror movie and the premise is this: group of 6 girls who are ‘experienced’ and outdoorsy types decide to go caving. This is a fun trip to do with your girls except there are several things that go wrong namely: their ‘leader’ forgets a book that details the entrance & exits; another ‘leader’ conveniently forgets to file a “flight plan” of where they’ll be so in other words, no one knows that they’re there; another ‘leader’ forgets to inform the others that the cave they were currently in was not the cave they thought they would be visiting. Ostensibly, said leader does this because she wants them to claim the cave as theirs. Give me a break. Anyhow, they get trapped in the cave and start getting stalked by some humanoid creatures. Straightforward, right? They get the horror down and I liked the movie up until the screenwriters made a serious error in judgment on who they killed off and who they didn’t. It was like the screenwriters lost their sense of direction once their characters were trapped in the cave. There is an unexplained killing of the main ‘leader’ by another caver and it really pissed me off. In honor of the dead main ‘leader’, here are my suggestions for real-life group spelunking:

  1. Subject everyone to a psychological test to isolate and drop-faster-than-a-hot-potato those who are most likely to wig out on you when it’s pitch-black or wiggling in a tunnel.
  2. Subject would-be cavers to a virtual simulation to buttress the psychological tests and ditch nutcases.
  3. If you are the group leader, ensure that you hold the sole flashlight versus everyone turning on all their flashlights and running out of light energy at critical moments.
  4. In order to prevent Wandering Wilhemina’s from taking off after seeing “daylight” which is truly phosphorus glowing in the cave (which WW would know if she had taken her basic Caving 101 classes); feel free to give WW a stinging slap to jolt her senses back into place.
  5. If a group member is wigging out on you in the cave, feel free to bestow another stinging slap on said group member’s face.
  6.  This one’s for group members: feel free to be more interested in specifics of where you’re going, what you’re doing to avoid going to no-man’s land.Yes, it’s cool to be an “extreme sports” person, but temper your exuberance with a little bit of common sense!

Finally, check out synopsis/review from Hollywood Reporter.