The highs and lows

I’m discovering that I can be a very impatient person sometimes. It’s frustrating to feel like someone else holds your future in their hands, but I know that there are always other options i.e. there’s no one sole option. It’s always a question of whether or not one is willing to go against the odds or dare the consequences. Anyhow, it’s been 4mths on the job market and I’ve got 4 interviews under my belt. The first 3, I knew would be bust because I hadn’t squared out my immigration paperwork. As He would have it, the 4th interview came right as things started turning around with respect to my USCIS stuff. I’ve got a 5th one in the works that should happen next month. Matt’s very happy for me and I’m happy for me. I really want to stay in this part of town, this city and in this state. Granted, there are not many jobs here, but I’m hopeful that I’ll find the right one/fit for me. That said, I’m not averse to moving. I’m not necessarily tied down to GA and Matt isn’t either. It would be foolish of me to discount moving although the chances of getting a job out of state are not any better than GA. Georgia’s got a thriving biotechnology industry. Hell, I live next to a university so right now, my targets have been set on working there. Wish me luck. In other news, this one is sure to make my momma smile. lol. I blended some tomatoes that Matt’s coworker gave him from his garden and made a banging stew. πŸ™‚ No beef/chicken due to the horrendous prices. However, we just ate some potatoes with the stew and Matt’s verdict: awesome. Not that he had any other choice of words. πŸ˜€

Before I forget to write about this ever, did I tell y’all that I went to see Live Free or Die Hard a while ago? That movie was awesome! From the start to finish, I was rooting and cheering for Bruce Willis and Justin Long all the way. That was a heck of an action movie and I’m inclined to go see it again. It helped immensely that I saw it at the fabulous dollar theatre I live close to. Some googling action on your part will give you the brief synopsis of the movie. The fight scenes are just fabulous and sometimes, a bit of a stretch but done in a way that will leave you cheering rabidly. lol. The directors knocked this movie out of the ballpark. Go see it! Ooh, my brother, Nick, is having his b-day on the 22nd. Here’s wishing him a wonderful 24th and many more good things to be had out of the year!