A lazy day and Tallulah Gorge

Following our visit to his mom’s place, we headed down to his dad’s which isn’t too far. Another sleepover and today’s here! 🙂 I’ve been installing some cool plugins and most notably, the TinyMCE advanced plugin which supercharges the standard TinyMCE that comes with WordPress. I’ve uninstalled the WPG2 plugin because being unable to access my category pages was driving me nuts. It doesn’t seem to be a full fledged product yet and it’s still in release candidate form. Anyway, it’s no skin off my nose. If you really want to see some cool pictures I’ve got, head over to my gallery page. Today, Matt and I are going to be on the road. We’ve bought food supplies and may be hitting Tallulah Gorge, which is a state park. The pictures are breathtaking! Just do a search on Flickr, Yahoo’s acquisition and premier photosharing site.