We are a fraudulent people.

Well, a lot of us. I am thoroughly nauseated at the collective mindset of people. I’m getting reacquainted with NBC’s Dateline and right, watching an episode called “To Catch an i-Jacker“. This means they’re tracking (and hopefully catching) those people who nabbed ipods that were planted by the dateline crew. They use a bunch of scenarios like leaving your ipod on a table at the food court, or leaving it in your car, etc. It’s absolutely disheartening the way people just took these gadgets without a scintilla of hesitation. The most infuriating thing for me is the smugness of the crazy teens who did a lot of the pickings. It made me almost wish that they would’ve gotten charged with crimes because they would be the sort of people who would get away with murder if they knew they could get away with it! What disgusted me a lot more was how either a man or woman (who is part of a couple) would take the ipod and not a word of protest or even an argument from the other party. I’m not going to pretend to have the cleanest hands, but I know that Matt is one of the most scrupulous people I know. If I had the thought, he would look at me like I’ve grown two heads and lecture me (lovingly. :)) on the error of my ways. The thieves range from teenagers, college kids to old married couples! I particularly laughed at the college kid’s (a sophomore) explanation of how she had gotten shafted before. Ergo, she needed to even the score. Also, she said she didn’t know that they could be tracked or else she wouldn’t have done it. See what I meant about getting away with murder?! Now, the way Dateline was able to track the people down was through their voluntary registration of the product via iTunes or online. After this episode, I’m sure that people are finding ways to not register ipods to prevent being found out. I have never owned an iPod and will not because of the same reason I’ll never own a Mac. Overpriced pieces of turd. It’s like buying name brand clothing and regular clothing without any appreciable difference in quality. I’ll stick with my tried-and-true alternatives: Windows, Creative, etc. Please check out the video and leave your comments.