They say the key to keep marriage waxing strong is keep talking. I always thought that would be a snap to do, but in a way, it makes sense why that is hard to do sometimes. M and I just passed our 3 mth mark and it was great. We went to see a band (Pelican) at a club downtown. It was great even though (as expected), I was the only person of color there. 🙂 Oh well, nothing to worry about there. I didn’t feel like an outcast or anything. In other news, we live in an old house that’s had quite a series of problems. From a recent $200 power bill to air issues, things are happening. I’m sure that, understandably, this might increase overhead. However, rent is still not what it would be if we were doing the usual renting-style. I won’t feel the pinch once I’m working and speaking of which, I had an interview today which went well, IMHO. The question is if they liked me/my style/my presentation enough to hire me. Now, they have more interviews to conduct so I’ll just hope they call me back. I’ve had enough interviews to know that when they say they’ve got more interviews, it means they didn’t like you sufficiently to hire you on the spot. Now, I don’t know any different i.e. I’ve never had a “real” job before to know how it works. So, if I do get this job, I’ll edit this post, but till then, I’ll keep actively searching. Wish me luck!