Working with Nero and Grandcentral Beta!

Well, Google acquired GrandCentral awhile back and I signed up to be the recipient of an invite. I just got mine today and signed up. It basically gives you a number that you can be reached at which will also call your phones. It aims to be a central repository for your voice messages and voice calls. Go ahead and visit GrandCentral & don’t forget to sign up for an invite or simply ask yours truly by dropping a comment. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’ve got video of my reception that was on the 23rd of June. My dad took it to Circuit City to get it recoded to DVD (directly from his Hi8 camcorder). Well, I’ve been having some trouble creating a good .ISO file (using ImgBurn at first and then, Nero Recode). Now, Matt bought some Maxell DVD-R’s with “Sequential Recording” that don’t seem to be compatible or working. I’m pissed and I hope he saved the receipts so we can return them a.s.a.p.Update: The fake DVD-Rs from Maxell (never even heard of them!) were returned for the tried-and-true Memorex 16X DVD-Rs. They are working fine and I’m burning up a storm over here. I just read a note by a former college alumnus and it left me feeling heartened. It is definitely a suit-to-scrubs story in this alumnus’s terms. I’m just going to count my own blessings in this corner of the world.