I have a wiki! Now what?

Well, after several hitches, I finally found a solution to the problem of installing MediaWiki on my Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) from Jumpline. I had to convert the database created from UTF-8 encoding to Latin1. The error I’d been receiving was about the maximum key length being exceeded (the max. key length for MySQL is 1000 bytes). From my reading, the problem dealt with the differences between chars and bytes with sometimes, 3 bytes making up a char. Well, long story short, it’s up and running at the Whisperpedia. I’m thinking of somehow putting all the previous static html pages I had into a dynamic wiki-like thing. Well, I’ll be getting comfortable with the preferences/settings and try to get at least, one page up and running. I’ve created my user account and will be getting busy. In other news, my mom will be coming to visit me for a couple of days after spending close to 2 weeks at my aunt’s place in MD. I look forward to the time we’ll spend together. I’ve also rustled up something nice which I hope she’ll be approving of. Lest I forget, I also managed to add another video to my gallery and this time, it was about how we got my wedding ring. It contains footage of Lily, Matt’s dad’s terrier also. Now, I’ve been fairly restrictive with who can see what in my Gallery. So, I’m thinking of creating a user account for those who care about really viewing the pics but don’t honestly want to sign up. Right now, signing up depends on my approval and I do check my gallery daily. In addition to that roadblock, you are automatically assigned the role of “registered user” which is no better than an anonymous user. Why? Because I’ve got another level of membership which is “friends”. Friends have all the access. I’ve had such a bad experience with scores of bot signups when I had a phpBB forum. Once bitten, thrice shy with me. Oh well, leave me comments on your thoughts. For the heck of it, I’ll put up a poll.