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    • That the papers, essays and power point presentations I put up are just for your viewing pleasure and/or to aid your research. If you do find some stuff useful, please use proper MLA citation. Don”t forget to properly cite the sources that I use and if you can”t find them, please contact me.
    • If I”ve succeeded in convincing you that my poems sound good, don”t quote them extensively on some site. Use an excerpt and place a direct link to the rest of the poem featured on my website. Thanks.
    • The pictures, articles, essays are mine except where explicitly stated. Don”t sell, repost, redistribute or you”ll find yourself in hot water. If you do use cited articles on my site, it”s your duty to hunt down the owners and ask their permissions or state boldly on your site that it”s not yours. If there are pages that contain content directly gotten from another site, users must link directly to the originators.
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