Dog Pedigrees

This page just provides some pedigrees of dogs. I didn’t even know half of them existed until I started scouring the dictionary. It’s not very comprehensive, but it will leave you more informed than before. Before you get confused by all these explanations, visit the pages below for more comprehensive details about the dog world.

  1. Crazy For Dogs has a little dictionary of descriptive words for dogs.
  2. Best Friends pet care has an amazing glossary on all things ‘dog’

For the record, don’t confuse the dog (greyhound) for the drink!

[+] Greyhound: tall, thin dog that can run fast and is used in racing
[+] Bloodhound: large type of dog with a good sense of smell and usually used for following human or animal tracks
[+] cockerspaniel: small type of spaniel with soft brown fur
[+] spaniel: dog with large ears that hang down
[+] poodle: breed of dog with thick curly hair which is cut into an elaborate pattern
[+] pekinese: small dog with short legs, long hair and a short flat nose originally from China
[+] bulldog: a fierce powerful dog with a small body, large head and short thick neck
[+] dalmatian: large dog with short white hair marked with dark spots
[+] labrador: breed of dog(retriever) with a black or golden coat
[+] rottweiler: black and tan dog noted for ferocity
[+] Bedlington terrier: terrier with a narrow head, long legs and curly grey hair
[+] Alsatian: large dog with smooth hair often trained to help the police
[+] dachshund: small dog with a long body and short legs
[+] collie: dog with long hair and long pointed nose often used for guarding and tending sheep
[+] bull terrier: dog produced by crossing a bulldog and a terrier
[+] fox terrier: type of dog formerly used for driving foxes out of their holes
[+] retriever: breed of large dogs that are trained to bring back birds, etc that have been shot
[+] setter: a breed of dog with long hair that can be trained to find animals and birds in a hunt
[+] pointer: large hunting dog trained to stand still with its nose pointing in the direction of hunted birds etc which it smells
[+] husky: dog of powerful breed used for pulling sledges in the Arctic
[+] mongrel: dog of mixed breed
[+] sheepdog: dog bred originally for the purpose of guarding and controlling sheep
[+] mastiff: a breed of large strong dog with droopy ears often used to guard houses
[+] Irish setter (red setter): large dog with a smooth, shiny reddish coat
[+] beagle: small short haired hound used for hunting hares
[+] borzoi: large, silky coated dog
[+] Afghan hound: tall thin hunting dog with long silky hair, pointed nose
[+] chihuahua: dog of very small, smooth haired breed
[+] dingo: wild Australian dog
[+] foxhound: kind of hound bred and trained to hunt foxes
[+] samoyed: dog of white Arctic breed
[+] Border terrier: small rough haired terrier
[+] Border collie: sheepdog of North Country
[+] Great Dane: dog of large, short haired breed
[+] St. Bernard: very large dog of breed origin kept in the Alps to rescue travellers (of Swiss origin)
[+] airedale: large terrier of a rough coated breed
[+] Yorkshire terrier: type of dog that is small with long brown hair
[+] basset hound: sturdy hunting dog with long body and short legs
[+] tosa: breed of mastiff originally kept for dogfighting
[+] wolfhound: dog of a kind used originally to hunt wolves
[+] corgi: small dog with short legs and pointed nose
[+] pitbull terrier: small but extremely strong and sometimes violent fighting American dog
[+] saluki: dog of a tall, slender, silky coated breed (Arabic)
[+] boxer: large dog with light brown short hair and a flat nose
[+] scotch terrier: small rough haired terrier
[+] sniffer dog: dog trained to sniff out drugs or explosives
[+] Jack Russell: short legged breed of terrier
[+] doberman pinscher: large dog of a smooth coated German breed with a docked tail.