My name is Jane. My web history is long and storied. I got my first start to the web in 2002 and haven’t looked back since then. Some may say I’m addicted, notably my husband but my response is that this addiction will disappear once I’ve got a job. Hasn’t really happened :D, but I am happy to say I have become much richer for my discoveries online. I don’t have any fancy code editing or image editing skills. I am tenacious and have been known to scour Google, Pubmed, etc in search of a solution to a software/hardware problem. I tend to overthink things a little or a lot (depending on who you ask), but I am learning to be P.A.T.I.E.N.T. Just spelling out the word like was an exercise in patience. I believe in constantly learning and improving yourself. I believe in constructive criticism and in second chances. I believe in being humble and that followers are here for a reason. My writings do not represent the views of my employer(s). This is a personal blog and I will occasionally feature my husband’s writings, my photos, my business (Jane Ullah Photography), current tech ramblings and/or any guest bloggers at my discretion. Meanwhile, enjoy reading my blog and comments are highly appreciated! Or tweet me (@janetalkstech) if you so please.

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