ActiveSync 4.5 works again!!!

Oh my lord!! You guys, wonders shall never end. I bought my refurbished Palm Treo 750 back in October of 2007. I discovered wonderful ActiveSync and then, I discovered Bluetooth technology. My desktop (HP Pavilion A1110n) didn’t have in-built bluetooth connectivity so being the nosey parker that I am, I bought a bluetooth adapter from CompUSA for ~ $19.99. Now, I’d been able to use ActiveSync to (duh) sync my files with the stuff on my PC and vice versa. However, upon installation of the Belkin bluetooth software, my nightmares started. Not only did they have little to no information on troubleshooting ActiveSync issues, almighty Google failed to help me in my quest to solve the mystery of how/why ActiveSync was suddenly refusing its connection to my phone. I stubbornly refused to consider that the software was somehow responsible so I decided that I’d hang on to the Belkin bluetooth adapter and keep the software installed. I couldn’t get ActiveSync or more than 75% of the ‘special’ functions to work because my phone was just a phone. I was resigned to the novelty of being able to make calls on my phone via my pc and sending files back & forth via bluetooth. Fast forward to today, I tried to start my bluetooth device on the PC and it wouldn’t start. I instantly knew what the problem was (or I thought I did): a previous system restore renamed some possibly crucial files which was not farfetched considering the fact that I had to re-install my firewall software (F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security 7.11) and do a lot of testing because of the renaming that System Restore has to do sometimes. So, I uninstalled the program and restarted my PC twice due to issues I won’t go into. After my PC was running, I decided to start up ActiveSync on a whim and what happened? The connection was automagically restored!! I definitely will not be needing the bluetooth doohickey anymore and neither will I be needing the Microsoft Exchanger server at mail2web to store my contacts, etc anymore although it was a lifesaver when I needed to do a lot of messing around with my phone and thus needed my stuff (especially contacts) backed up. Oh well, enough of my gushing. Get to work, folks.