Wendy’s yogurt with granola is no more

Can it be true?!!!  Earlier this week, M and I stopped by my favorite fast food restaurant (Wendy’s) for my staple food items which includes their $1.09 yogurt with granola. To my shock, they informed us that they had stopped carrying the yogurt. Apparently, they had phased it out and only just ran out of their old inventory. Really? Yes, he said, really. So there you have it folks. One of the main reasons I go to Wendy’s is their relatively healthy dollar menu items. Now, I’m left with just ordering chili which is quite frankly not the same without my yogurt with granola to accompany it. I think it’s a not-so-smart decision on their part. I’ve literally stopped going to all other comparable fast food places because of Wendy’s yogurt with granola. Now, they have driven me into the waiting arms of Mr. McDonald’s. McD’s yogurt parfait is possibly healthier than Wendy’s yogurt with granola anyway, but I’m not too happy with the fact that the fruit is more often times than not frozen. Tooth freeze anyone? 🙂 Hell, with the way the server’s would severely short me on the yogurt quantity (i.e. instead of a full cup, I’d get literally 2 tablespoons of yogurt for $1.09), I’m amazed that they were turning anything less than a profit on that item. Or maybe people (except me) got pissed that they were getting two tablespoons of yogurt for $1.09. This is really not good. I’m not even sure anymore that their tasty chili will be enough to keep me there now. In a good/weird way, I’m glad this happened. I need go get weaned off my yogurt habit. Scratch that. Specifically, my Wendy’s yogurt habit. Just ask M. I’ll stick to my 4-cup tubs of Yoplait Light yogurt from now on.  Update: I’m perusing their Website and sure enough, their lowfat yogurt with granola is no more. I’ve got an old PDF containing the nutritional content of their super value meals somewhere on my computer as proof that once, Wendy’s had her heart in the right place.